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Can I hire a freelance / interim marketer or sales specialist through Grow Your Company?

You can also hire a specialist for ‘separate’ projects in the field of sales, marketing or business through ‘Grow Your Company’. For example someone who sets up or supervises a marketing department or strong editorial team. Or a sales specialist with years of experience who tells you all the ins and outs when it comes to increasing revenue. And yes, even for a partner in the boardroom, who thinks quickly and adequately about your business goals and dreams: grow Your Company is the perfect partner. But … Is that what you want? It is not without reason that we have developed the ‘Five steps to Grow Your Company’ …


Grow Your Company is active worldwide. How does that work exactly?

Grow Your Company is a Dutch company with it’s headquarters in the Netherlands. However, we have a large international network of the strongest professionals in sales, marketing and business growth. We understand that there is no point in making just the Netherlands sustainable. That’s why we help companies around the world. Of course we always work with people who know the local market, but at the same time dare to think big.


Why does Grow Your Company use the "Five steps to Grow Your Company" model?

Years of experience teach us that companies always have several similar goals and missions. It can deviate slightly, but the course is always towards more customers and more turnover. We have divided the road to it in five blocks. Companies that start with block three out of five soon discover that blocks one and two are actually important foundations for block three. For that reason, we encourage all our customers not to be stubborn and just go through these five steps. Trust in this our experience and expertise. With those five steps you really get more customers and more turnover.


Can I also ask Grow Your Company to, for example, only develop a stunning marketing plan or go to market strategy?

You can certainly ask for this. In principle, that’s precisely what we want to help you with. However, our experience tells us that a good plan is not the only thing that is needed. And that a good strategy is based on good knowledge. We are not into long research, but good market knowledge is essential for a successful strategy.

However we often work on a project basis, for example for investment parties. We know how to achieve success in a short time, make major changes and contribute to the growth of your company.


Can Grow Your Company also recruit people for my team(s)?

We have a large network of international sales specialists, marketing talents and business coaches. We can recruit people for freelance and permanent jobs. Until then, you can rely on the expertise of our own team, which will work with heart and soul to make a success of your product, service or organization.


Is Grow Your Company a business (growth) advisor or a sales and marketing agency?

Many companies want more turnover and more customers. They look for sales and marketing professionals who can help them further. It often turns out that on the road to generating more turnover, there are gains to be made in many more places within the organization. That is why Grow Your Company also works with experienced business coaches who help you to make your business processes more profitable.

We know better ways to grow…

We believe in a sustainable economy. We love business. And we do sales and marketing. That’s just the way we roll. And if you’re ready to grow your business the sustainable way, we are more than glad to help you realize that.

Grow Your Company is more than a sales and marketing agency. We will bring your dreams and your market together. Not only with a stunning strategy and creative plan. But with deeds as well.

How we work

Want to conquer the market with your product or service?

Grow Your Company is thé business growth specialist in the sustainable market (for B2B and B2C). We succeed in fashion, energy, materials and at so many other places. We always go with solid ways that lead you to success in the green market.


Products & services

Five steps to growth

We developed a Five Steps to Grow Your Company method for you to gain more success in the sustainable world.

team training

We train teams and recruit talents for your company. And of course, we’ll prepare those talents as well.

Marketing projects

We believe in sustainable changes and well-founded growth. But if necessary, we know how to transform companies and people quickly.



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