Five steps to

Grow Your Company

Define your business plan

Purpose & Positioning

Market Research
Competition Analysis
Business Strategy
Financial opportunities

Business case, Sales and marketing strategy, HR policy and more detailed plans

Create a team with training and attracting new talent

Execute business strategy and sales and marketing actions

Our method

Five blocks, one package

We believe in growth. And we have a keen eye for optimizing business processes, human resources policies, financial opportunities, and more business-related issues. But the most common question we have to answer as entrepreneurs is: How do I get more revenue? More leads, more customers, more… In the end it’s the engine for all your entrepreneurial dreams. For this reason, we focus our growth strategy not only on a solid business plan and business opportunities, but also on branding, positioning, sales and marketing. We have developed a Five Step Growth Model. So buckle up… It’s time to shake up the market and allow your business to grow.

Purpose & positioning

Let’s dive into your DNA. We will define your identity, brand values and value proposition.

Formulate your (value) proposition

Find your market and define your position in it

Research the competition - and learn from them

Create your brand story

Business plan, market research & competition analysis

In this second block we’ll dive further into the market and define your position and exact proposition. We’ll find some very interesting business opportunities and create a solid business plan. Including a financial basis. Further, we’ll zoom in to the competitive players in your market, if there are any. We’ll define the decision makers in those companies. If you know their story, you’ll be able to align your sales approach with their needs. This will make it easier to sell your product or service.

Create your brand (story)

Map all relevant business processes

Define a go to market Strategy

Find a fitting sales strategy

Bring the brand alive (internally and externally)

Sales and marketing strategy

The third block is essential for your actions in the fourth and fifth block. Now we know the market, it’s important to create attractive marketing collateral and very sexy content. We’ll create a plan that will place you directly in the correct starting blocks.

Zoom in to your buyer persona's

Describe a mind blowing marketing strategy

Define a content and SEO strategy

Live your brand

Create a content plan for the next three months

Talent team training & recruiting

We believe in growth. And in the strength of people. But… We believe that we can empower them even more. Whether they are part of your team or ours. If you already. have some talents, we will train them to develop their skills and align with the new business, sales and marketing strategy. If you don’t have a team, we can use ours. Maybe until we found your own…?

Attract new talent

Train your team

Implement your new business and sales and marketing strategy

Live your brand

this is what we doe as well

Other activities

Talent team training

Whether you already have a talented team or you’re desperately looking for the best people to grow with you… We will help you out.



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