Let go in order to grow

A disruption doesn’t put you out of business. Not per se. (Please, do not misunderstand me… I recognize the tears. Leading entrepreneurs from my immediate circle went bankrupt last year… It’s harsh for sure.)

I write this to motivate you. Words about hope.

The only thing that does put you out of business is refusing to let go of an archaic business model. A model that doesn’t work anymore.

We identify companies that grow during periods of disruption. They reinvent themselves and emerge stronger.

Crises like this often act as catalysts for innovation. The greatest inventions of all time were born during deep depressions…

We will definitely see something like that in the coming years. The question is: will it be your company that will bring us a brighter future?

Let’s take a step back… What’s your reason for doing business? Maybe this ‘reason why’ took a back-seat the past few years. But with the disruption, it may be worth to look beyond. I hope it has something to do with delivering better value to your customers.

In every sport (that has something to do with balls) there’s one rule: look in the direction where the ball is going, not where it is right now.

Reframe your challenges and recognize them as opportunities. Even if the disruption hurts like hell. Stop seeing yourself as a victim but start thinking about how you can make your business grow. By helping others.

We will reinvent ourselves for sure.