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It all started with an ordinary newsletter. Some Facebook posts. A Linkedin group. It turned out to be more. More like a community, a group of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, marketeers and business experts that wanted to share their knowledge and experiences. With podcasts, video’s and events. Central theme: (sustainable) growth.

“I see beautiful things in humble places and I would love to share them with you. This is why I’m able to imagine a bold future for your company. But don’t misunderstand: I do not believe in ‘just a dream’. I believe in idealism allied with pragmatism. I’m an academic pur sang who dares to dream.

I founded GYC and the Grow Community. The Grow Community transformed during the past years. Nowadays it’s a passionated and ambitious group of the most talented sales and marketing experts, entrepreneurs and business experts. We share knowledge and insights. About sales, marketing ans business. But we discuss life and society as well. To be surrounded by those very talented professionals from all over the world is a blessing.”

Corinne Brouwer

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