I’m lost in an aneurysm of past time. So many souls around me gasping for air, while trying to hold onto a status quo that is no longer the status quo. They would have loved to keep everything as it was. But yeah, corona…. So let’s get back to the old times as soon as possible. It’s crazy, because as you are gasping for air you would rather open your eyes and see that the old times are not coming back for a while. And maybe they never will.

Stiffened in a corner

“Where is your entrepreneurial spirit?” is what I want to shout to people. Once I was that passionate starter, that amazing boss that was committed to the company. A man or woman with a vision and dreams. Someone who believed and acted. And now, here you are. Languishing in a corner. Not languishing? Maybe slightly scared. Something in your heart is afraid and freezes all your limbs. But oh, let’s hope that stiffening does not reach your mind. Ambition and ingenuity can pull you though. I am convinced of that.

Your story

“Come on, what is your story?” is what I want to shout to people. Tell me your story. Keep telling your story. So pure, so strong. It’s the reason you once started your company. It’s all about your contribution to the world. Nothing has changed in that regard, has it? The “how” changes. The way changes. However your story is still worth listening to. At least it is for me. Let it be heard. I am certain that right now it is worth while even more. And I know for a fact that the world wants to hear your story.


More than once this week have I wanted to take somebody by the shoulders and shake them up. “Hello are you there?” “Say something! Do something!”. A sign of life, a sign of still being there. An act that indicated your presence. But yeah, those 1.5 meters… These times require entrepreneurs that are willing to undertake. Entrepreneurs that have the guts to undertake. That have the guts to take a step back, in order to re-examine the situation. Those who see what can be done. Who try a thousand options. As long as needed in order to find something that works. Those that want to transform their company, and let the old ways go. Maybe for a little while. Maybe forever. These times ask for people who know that making mistakes is part of the process. Those that know that people are just doing something, which means that people with their own vision are doing a great job already. It’s those people that I believe in. It’s these people that I put my faith in. For our economy. And our society.

“But Corinne, that’s what entrepreneurship has always been right?” I hear you think… I rest my case.