Dare to embrace your mistakes. That’s what Easter is about.

Be gentle with yourself.

Easter underscores the twists and turns that we face as entrepreneurs in our lives. And given the complexity of our work and the big questions we face, agility is the biggest key to success and happiness, as well as a sense of life.

Entrepreneur’s delusions of greatness

The waves on which we try to float are sometimes overwhelming. Other times they help us to move forward. One thing is certain: in the deception of entrepreneurship, we tend to think that we can surf every wave. Entrepreneurs are radical and committed to their success. Adventurers, but also pragmatic mathematicians who dare to transform their future successes into actions and measurable results. We move between our absurd passion and the desire to make the world a little nicer than it is.

Trust your failures

With all this violence of dreams, we have all experienced how salty the water can be. You had to swallow. So had I. But then again, we are entrepreneurs. And entrepreneurs fall, but always get up. Every day. Even after the darkest night. Failures help me – and probably you – to see it again. To experience again. To see differently. To reflect again and to experience more intensely.

From the “King of the Jews” to the pilgrim who has to carry his cross through the city… A failed king in our human eyes. Abandoned by those who once were loyal to him.

No guts, no glory

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Then you are always imperfect. You’re living with failure. There is no doubt about that. At Easter, we celebrate you can fall down and rise back. We cling to hope, forgiveness. Even after the biggest mistakes there is light. In any mistake you make as an entrepreneur, in every failure… Therein lies glory.

G.K. Chesterton once said, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” Jesus’ resurrection caused a tremendous change in the mentality of his surroundings. He put hope and courage in their hearts. Failure took a twist. Let this turn be the theme that we carry with us this Easter.

Freedom in entrepreneurship

Personally, I like to be concerned with the path to freedom, through all sorts of avenues, spiritually charged or otherwise. I sincerely believe my entrepreneurship is one of those avenues. And dare I say it, time and again I get the chance to unlock and give true meaning, define my purpose and experience freedom. On this path, truth and reality converge.

I have this question for you: Are you living for challenges, not successes? Success comes as a result of challenges. Or failures. Bu then… Just as the lotus blossom grows in mud, so your strong entrepreneurial spirit sprouts from your failures.

Easter underscores that you can accept your failures when you open your eyes. The feast of light. A tribute to the resurrection.

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