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Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” JFK


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At night, we dream of a better world. A sustainable world and a strong and resilient economy. At day time we help companies grow their business with the Five Steps to Grow Your Company model. With deep diving to find your company’s DNA, optimizing existing business processes, creating high heeled branding and marketing strategies and tuning the sales engine. But above all: with stories worth telling.

We will help you discover ways, strategies and opportunities into your companies market. And we create thriving teams with the sharpest business coaches, marketeers and sales professionals.

We believe it’s achievable to grow your business and make the world a better place at the same time. If you feel the same way, we are more than glad to help you with your marketing, sales and other business challenges.

We share knowledge, develop skills and inspire others. All in order to develop your sustainable project, business or concept. We are – or will be – familiar with your market. And we will help you to grow in(to) it.

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This is what we do

We know Five Steps to Grow Your Company with marketing and sales: from positioning and market research to team training and executing.


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We are here to guide entrepreneurs and companies in their growth process. Especially if they believe in a sustainable world and strong, resilient economy. Like we do. Therefore we created a thriving team of the sharpest, most flexible and most experienced sales and marketing experts and business consultants.


This is WHAT WE need from you

With our proven model you will succeed to optimize your business processes. From lead to deal. To fledge your team and to gain more revenue. But… We need you to have a heart for a sustainable world or at least a strong economy. We believe in resilience. If you have dreams and goals and are keen on realizing them, we are more than eager to make your business grow.


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Together we build and grow. Share your knowledge and learn from others.


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Grow Your Company is the most flexible, experienced and specialized partner. We’re specialized in the sustainable and green market, but our experience extends beyond. Our customers want to contribute to a strong and resilient economy.

We would love to cooperate with you if you have a sustainable, resilient but flexible vision for your company. Or at least want to have this… Whether it’s because you sell green products or want to take your responsibility for a (financially) stronger society.

If you want to grow and want to do in it the sustainable way, we’re the partner that will kick that engine. We will help you to succeed in the next phase(s) of your company’s development.

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Being a good human being, is good business.


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